Sunday, May 27, 2012

a re-introduction...

3 years. Has it been just shy of 3 years when my ex ran off with his tail between his legs, leaving me to soldier on raising the wee shit?

Has it really been this long that i've been dumped back into the dating pond, once again focusing my efforts via online sites?

Oh yes, it's really been almost 3 years of oddities, freaks, broken hearts, serious lustings, freaks, sexual oddities,....and far, far too much hearing, "you've GOT to start a record of this shit"

I have to put the lunacy out for public consumption - even if I'm the lone reader. I'm wiser, sharper and truth is definitely stranger than fiction. 

*Raises glass*   Here's to dating in your 30s, when you have a high sex drive, a seriously picky attitude...and finding your bra being used to transport toys

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