Saturday, February 6, 2010

An introduction, an education...

I was whining to a friend that all the 'mommy' blogs I've read seem to be strictly of the wife or long term partner variety. When asked why don't I start writing one, I had to pause and think; well, why not? A single mom of a little one (who tries not to whack her ex with the wooden spoon when he's over visiting the little guy); a single mom who is venturing out into the dating hell hole again - hell, you KNOW there's some truly odd stories ready to surface.

And odd, they have been.

Let me give you a quick introduction. I'm a (cough cough) 30something single urban mom. I use urban in the fact that I live in a city, not in any annoyingly cool and hipster mom way. I have a wee shit who I adore and that I'm raising on my own. Let's just say pre-natal classes can prepare you for almost anything except for one major point: your long term (and supportive) partner will flip out, leave...and decide that he 'thinks he might be happy' with a annoyingly clingy (and not nearly as attractive - of course) woman who shall now after be referred to as The Twat.

But, enough of that. Karma, baby. Karma. I've seen it in action since he left and Karma is definitely one bad ass bitch who slaps her foes around. I have moments, where I whine, pout, mope, which is only natural but a quick head shake and a realization how miserable the ex is quickly snaps me out of it.

Add to the fact that for some reason, the dating world seems to have improved vastly from my last time around, six years ago. Am I less picky? Am I just insanely horny now that the hormones are rolling back to normal? Or is it the fact that a 30something year old woman NOT looking for a husband is a dating holy grail?

Oh yes. Just to clarify. There are no regrets about the little shit. He's annoyingly cute, annoying stubborn and more and more I see that he is annoyingly me.

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